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      Recently both MacOS and Windows have offered a “dark mode” of operation in which backgrounds are dark and content is lighter. We at Data Description are pleased that they’ve caught up to us. The first edition of Data Desk (back in 1984!) produced plots in the same dark mode. Glowing colored points appeared on a black background, providing more vivid displays and making it easier to spot unusual features. (And yes, they were also easier on the eyes.)
      But, as has happened with Data desk in other ways as well, we were a bit ahead of our time. Convention held that graphics fields should be white with dark colored elements displayed on them. So we did that, consigning our dark mode to a hidden option.
      But we have not forgotten how. Just select

      Data Desk >Preferences>Color Scheme>Classic

      Your plots will now be in dark mode.
      You will probably prefer for plots to copy and print in the more traditional dark on light form. The option
      Data Desk >Preferences>Color Scheme>Print White on Black
      When not checked accomplishes what you want. Check it to copy with dark mode (as I did here):

      screen capture of a graph built in Data Desk with black background and white lines and text.

      Try it. I think you’ll like it.
      And one more thing: if you like full dark mode in which the entire desktop uses dark mode just choose

      Data Desk >Preferences>Color Scheme>Light-on-Dark

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